Private editions

Overview on private editions

Red Hat Marketplace has an option to create private editions of a product that are hidden from the public catalog, but can still be sold through private offers. For example, you can have standard product editions available for customers to view and also editions that are only available to your sales team to sell through private offers.

Set up private editions

To setup your product with a private edition, create a support ticket, ensuring you include the product name. Red Hat Marketplace enables private editions for your product. Once enabled, on Partner portal, configure your edition as a private edition. Once configured, the product is only available for purchase through private offers. The product edition is hidden from the product page.

Configure private editions

Private editions show on private offers only.


About this task

To make a product edition available for purchase through private-offers-only, configure the edition for private audiences. The edition becomes available through private offers and hides on the product page.


  1. Navigate to product editions.
  2. To add a private audience to a product edition, on the Audience section, select Private.
  3. Click Save.


The product edition shows on Private offers. The edition is hidden on the product page.