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vFunction Cloud Native Application Modernization Platform

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vFunction Cloud Native Application Modernization Platform

By vFunction

Certified enterprise ready

Transform Java applications into microservices. vFunction automatically and quickly decomposes and extracts microservices from complex Java monolithic applications. vFunction is purpose-built for cloud native and efficient microservice creation.

Runs on

OpenShift 4.3

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vFunction is the first and only platform for developers and architects that automatically transforms complex monolithic Java applications into microservices. Eliminate the time, risk and cost constraints of manually modernizing business applications and deliver a scalable, repeatable factory model purpose-built for cloud native modernization. With vFunction, leading companies around the world are accelerating the journey to cloud-native architecture and gaining a competitive edge.

Accelerate Java Application Modernization

vFunction Modernization Hub accelerates the application modernization process with AI-based automation that observes actual business domain flows and eliminates months of manual work. Faster than traditional engagements or tedious modernization labs, vFunction applies AI, data science, and graph theory to address more applications, faster and smarter.

Assess Technical Debt

Use vFunction Assessment Hub to analyze the technical debt of your monolithic applications, accurately identify the source of that debt, and measure the negative impact on innovation. Get started fast with Assessment Hub Express for up to 3 free apps.

Refactor 15x Faster and Save Money

Accelerate projects 10x-15x and save $300k-$500k+ per app. Eliminate licensing costs and dramatically reduce the backlog of legacy apps. Gain engineering and business velocity not possible with lift and shift methods.