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vFunction Cloud Native Application Modernization Platform

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vFunction Cloud Native Application Modernization Platform

By vFunction

Transform Java applications into microservices. vFunction automatically and quickly decomposes and extracts microservices from complex Java monolithic applications. vFunction is purpose-built for cloud native and efficient microservice creation.

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OpenShift 4.3

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Modernize legacy Java monolithic applications into running microservices. By combining dynamic analysis, static analysis, AI and automation the vFunction platform extracts any service from your Java monolith into a compilable, working microservice, containerizes it and deploys it onto modern infrastructure.

Automated Application Analysis

Analyzes monolithic Java applications to uncover & identify the core Java structural components, business behaviors, and interdependencies based on actual business flows. Perceptive analytics including dynamic, static, data science, automation algorithms develop sharp, distinct service boundaries with well-bounded, independent, and functional microservices.

Microservice Extraction and Creation

Automates microservice creation by consolidating all the automated analysis information into a json file that is used to create the new microservice. vFunction creates a Service Specification file to access the monolith source code and its artifacts to create the new, compilable microservice code for cloud native deployment on Redhat Openshift.

Accelerated Refactoring

Creates a repeatable factory model for an efficient application refactoring pipeline - monoliths in, microservices out. The resulting microservices are optimized with minimal context and minimal bloat. The rapid iteration model expands the modernization pool to allow teams to modernize more applications faster.