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Authenticate users and authorize access to your clusters and applications using a simple and automated approach. OpenUnison supports SAML2, OpenID Connect, LDAP and deploys with your existing pipeline infrastructure using GitOps.

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This quickstart will help you quickly create a self service access portal for your OpenShift cluster. To get started you will need:

  1. OCP 4.x
  2. A MySQL or MariaDB database
  3. Certificate/DNS ready for use
  4. A SAML2 Identity Provider (IdP) such as Active Directory Federation Services
  5. Credentials for Red Hat Connect to pull images (
  6. An SMTP server to notify users of approvals and other events

Setup MySQL

Create a database called unison and grant admin privileges to a user called unison. The operator and OpenUnison will generate all of your tables for you.

Deploy The OpenUnison Operator

  1. Create the namespace openunison - oc new-project openunison
  2. From inside OCP4, go to the Operator Hub and look for the OpenUnison certified operator:

Make sure you are in the

project so the operator is installed into the correct project

From here, move to to finish setup!