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Smart Label Printing - Maximo Labeling Solution

Smart Label Print - Maximo Label Printing logo
Smart Label Print - Maximo Label Printing logo

Smart Label Printing - Maximo Labeling Solution

By Smartech

Streamline label printing using Smartech Label Printing solution. Generate labels and barcodes directly from Maximo for quick, effortless printing. Customize labels, enhance data accuracy, and boost workforce efficiency without the need for a site-to-site VPN.

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Simplify label and barcode printing with Smart Label Printing, a comprehensive solution for direct printing from Maximo. Easily design, customize, and print various labels to any printer, with seamless mapping of Maximo fields to your designs. Optimized for both cloud and on-premise installations.

Streamlined Label Printing 

Effortlessly design and print labels directly from Maximo, simplifying the printing process to boost operational efficiency and accuracy.

Customizable Label Designs 

Adapt label designs to fit your unique needs. Select from an array of label models and sizes, and customize labels by configuring any Maximo field. Incorporate barcodes, QR codes, logos, and custom designs to make your labels stand out.

Versatile Label Printing Across Maximo Applications

Easily print labels for various Maximo applications, such as spare parts, bin tagging, asset/location identification, work orders, calibration Labels, and lockout/tagout procedures. This capability provides clear, detailed labels to improve workflow visibility and boost efficiency.

Multi-Label and Printer Configuration per Site 

Enable printing across diverse printers, including USB and networked options. Assign specific printers for each label type, ensuring each print action defaults to an optimal label and printer combination for streamlined operations.

Secure Cloud Integration 

Seamlessly integrate with Maximo cloud for secure, direct label printing. This eliminates the need for site-to-site VPNs, enhancing data security while simplifying network setups.