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Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition

By Couchbase

Certified enterprise ready

Develop with agility and deploy on any cloud, at any scale

*Requires OpenShift to install

Software version

Autonomous Operator v1.2.2


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Built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, Couchbase Server delivers unparalleled performance at scale, in any cloud. With features like memory-first architecture, geo-distributed deployments, and workload isolation, Couchbase Server excels at supporting mission-critical applications at scale while maintaining submillisecond latencies and 99.999% availability. Plus, with the most comprehensive SQL-compatible query language (N1QL), migrating from RDBMS to Couchbase Server is easy with ANSI join

Unmatched agility and flexibility

Support rapidly changing business requirements with the flexibility of JSON and the power of a comprehensive query language (N1QL). Develop engaging applications with multiple access methods from a single platform: key-value, query, and search. Event-driven workloads allow you to execute data-driven business logic from a centralized platform.

Unparalleled performance at any scale

Deliver consistent, fast experiences at scale, powered by a memory-first architecture. High-performance indexes and index partitioning provides unparalleled query performance with complex joins, predicates, and aggregate evaluations. And, with end-to-end data compression, Couchbase significantly reduces the cost of network, memory, and storage required for your existing workloads.

Easiest platform to manage

Deploy Couchbase Server in any cloud, at any scale. Reduce operational overhead with cloud integrations like Kubernetes, and support multi-cloud deployments globally with built-in support for active-active cross datacenter replication (XDCR).

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