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Getting started

About buying products on Red Hat Marketplace

Red Hat Marketplace Process Flow

On Red Hat Marketplace, users can do the following:

  1. Register an account.
  2. Invite users to join.
  3. Add OpenShift clusters.
  4. Discover products.
  5. Try or buy products.
  6. Install Operators on OpenShift clusters.
  7. Monitor product usage and pay invoices.

Red Hat Marketplace and OpenShift

Users with OpenShift, version 4.2 or later, can log on to Red Hat Marketplace to try, buy, and deploy products to OpenShift clusters.

On Red Hat Marketplace, users install the product Operator on to their OpenShift clusters. Then, users go to their OpenShift console to continue provisioning the operator and creating product instances.

Red Hat Marketplace Operator and usage data

When users add a cluster to Red Hat Marketplace, one of the steps is to install the Red Hat Marketplace Operator to the cluster. The Red Hat Marketplace Operator does many things, including collecting usage data on any product instance that get installed on to the cluster.

Red Hat Marketplace uses this data to invoice users on product usage. Red Hat Marketplace users can be anyone in your organization, not only product users, but also users responsible for tracking spend and paying bills. The Red Hat Marketplace Operator allows for consolidated billing across all products that users try, buy, and deploy on Red Hat Marketplace.