Red Hat Marketplace: Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere

by Sandesh Bhat

GM for Red Hat Marketplace

The path an enterprise chooses to take to digitally transform its IT footprint can have a huge impact on how quickly it can move, innovate, and adapt to meet the demands of a rapidly shifting market. For enterprises across industries, there are two questions that define a broader digital transformation focus and path to success:

  1. What’s your cloud strategy?
  2. How are you modernizing your applications and development lifecycle?

Adopting a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy sets enterprises up for success by letting them be flexible, agile, efficient, and secure at scale. Putting containers and Kubernetes at the foundation for cloud-native application delivery is critical to support scalability and workload portability, while also balancing speed with stability.

Whether you’re just beginning to build a cloud strategy or well along in the endeavor to take advantage of cloud-native application delivery, we want to meet you where you’re at in your cloud journey.

Our mission is to put portability and ease at the center of software procurement and application development. That’s why we created Red Hat Marketplace.

What is Red Hat Marketplace?

Red Hat Marketplace is an open cloud marketplace with Red Hat OpenShift at its core. Red Hat OpenShift is supported Kubernetes for cloud-native applications with enterprise security.

Red Hat Marketplace lets you easily discover, try, buy, and deploy software for container-based environments. Upon checkout, software is instantly available on any Red Hat OpenShift cluster, meaning that it can be deployed on any cloud, public or private, or on-premises.

With Red Hat Marketplace, you can purchase software once and deploy to any cloud. The Marketplace includes both proprietary and open source software that has been Red Hat OpenShift Certified though the Certified Operators program. Building a Certified Operator gives software providers a method of packaging, deploying, and managing a Kubernetes application throughout its lifecycle, giving users a managed service-like experience.

What else is unique about Red Hat Marketplace?

Red Hat Marketplace connects you with a certified partner ecosystem to ensure that interoperability, consistency, and a high level of support come standard.

All offerings on Red Hat Marketplace are centrally supported, meaning that support tickets are opened and closed for all certified software through the Red Hat Marketplace interface and team. We also provide dashboard views so that you can see and manage your software with ease, getting information such as how much time is left on your free trials. Through Red Hat Marketplace, we aim to provide you with single-pane-of-glass visibility, consolidated tracking, and reporting mechanisms.

Imagine how much benefit you could bring to your developers by simplifying software procurement and support, while providing new capabilities to build an application once and seamlessly deploy it to any environment using OpenShift. We’ll be rolling out new features and functionality on a regular basis based on customer and ISV feedback.

What else would you like to see?

When you think of a new kind of software marketplace, what first comes to mind? What capabilities do you dream of having? What software is critical to your success? What should we be focusing our development efforts on so that we can make your life easier? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note at, and let’s chat.

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