Collectively helping enterprises unlock the value of cloud investments

by Kelly Hartman

VP of Ecosystem and Business Development for Red Hat Marketplace

Today marks a big step forward for the Red Hat Marketplace team and our ISV ecosystem, as we formally announced the launch of Red Hat Marketplace and Red Hat Marketplace Select: a private, personalized marketplace enabling clients to provide their teams with easier access to curated software their organizations have pre-approved.

Thank you to all of the launch partners who worked tirelessly to gear up for our rollout! We’re so proud of the catalog of solutions we’ve made available through Red Hat Marketplace. In this blog, I’d like to discuss why building a strong ecosystem is our top priority, the steps we’re taking to develop a fantastic experience for our partners, and what’s next.

Working together to drive optimal experiences for enterprise developers

Enterprises today have a choice: they can use technology as an agent for change and growth or risk technology becoming a blocker for innovation. For more and more enterprises, Red Hat OpenShift is becoming central to their strategy to drive value from existing on-prem investments while rapidly adopting cloud. Through Red Hat Marketplace, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for enterprises to try, buy, and deploy Red Hat OpenShift-certified software on Red Hat OpenShift so that they can focus on developing in whatever environment they choose.

Enterprise developers need freedom, flexibility, and choice as they evaluate, test, and deploy software. To make this a reality, it’s critical that we have a comprehensive ISV ecosystem and catalog available for developers to embolden them to build with the software they want and to deploy it with ease on OpenShift.

We’re thrilled to be working with ISVs like Datadog to offer developers solutions they rely on while they take advantage of OpenShift.

“Over 45 percent of Datadog’s customers have adopted Kubernetes as part of their strategy to optimize application build and deployment capabilities. Red Hat and OpenShift provide platforms that allow many of these enterprise customers to accelerate their migration,” says Ilan Rabinovitch, VP, Product and Community at Datadog. “We’re thrilled to be a part of the Red Hat Marketplace launch so that we can help Red Hat OpenShift users succeed in their migrations with Datadog’s monitoring, analytics, and security platform.”

Just as critical to building our ecosystem is making sure we empower the ecosystem to take full advantage of reaching developers through Red Hat Marketplace. Once an ISV joins Red Hat Marketplace, their journey has just begun. In addition to the marketing benefits and ongoing technical resources we provide, we will be working with our ISVs on business planning, sales enablement, and co-selling motions through our dedicated Red Hat Marketplace sales team.

Our charter is to build a deep, ongoing collaboration with each ISV. Simply put, we can’t empower enterprises without empowering our ecosystem.

Growing our ecosystem

What excites me the most is that we’re just getting started building our ecosystem and rolling out value-added features for both users and sellers. For example, we’re currently working closely with F5 and NGINX to onboard onto Red Hat Marketplace.

“At NGINX, we’re seeing a trend of customers wanting to deploy Kubernetes apps in production but being unable to balance agility and security. That’s why we’re excited to continue partnering with Red Hat and IBM to enable secure, reliable, and scalable application delivery via Red Hat OpenShift and the Red Hat Marketplace,” says Gus Robertson, SVP and GM of NGINX. “By empowering developers to easily purchase our certified solutions, we expect those customers will be able to accelerate their application modernization journeys and enjoy the rewards.” We can’t wait to have NGINX solutions available on Red Hat Marketplace and have been grateful to collaborate so closely with their team throughout the onboarding journey.

Tune into the Red Hat Marketplace blog to learn all about new ISVs we’ve onboarded, how to get started with ISV solutions on Red Hat OpenShift, and the new features we’ll be launching throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond. To explore the solutions currently available on Red Hat Marketplace, visit our storefront.