Mellanox Embedded Switch (NIC) plugin ver 2013.1.2-3


by Mellanox Technologies

ConnectX-3 card

The Mellanox Embedded Switch (NIC) plugin version 2013.1.2-3 implementing the Networking (Neutron) API has been certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 3.

Product Overview

Mellanox ConnectX-3 adapters equipped with onboard embedded switch (eSwitch) are capable of performing layer-2 switching for the different VMs running on the server. Using the eSwitch will gain higher performance levels in addition to security and QoS.

eSwitch main capabilities and characteristics:

  • Virtual switching: creating multiple logical virtualized networks. The eSwitch offload engines handle all networking operations up to the VM, thereby dramatically reducing software overheads and costs.
  • Performance: The switching is handled in hardware, as opposed to other applications that use a software-based switch. This enhances performance by reducing CPU overhead.
  • Security: The eSwitch enables network isolation (using VLANs) and anti-MAC spoofing.
  • QoS: The eSwitch supports traffic class management, priority mapping, rate limiting, and scheduling. In addition, DCBX control plane can set Priority Flow Control (PFC) and FC parameters on the physical port.
  • Monitoring: Port counters are supported.

Product Page

To download the plugin, and to obtain installation and configuration information, see the Mellanox Wiki Page.

Visit Mellanox’s OpenStack page to view the Reference Architecture on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

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