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        Streaming & messaging
        Agora logo

        By Coliance Ltd

        Empower your business with Agora: the ultimate EDI transaction management solution. Experience the potential of our cloud-based platform with process monitoring and accelerated partner onboarding. Customize your involvement level and enjoy comprehensive management. Agora has you covered.

        Lightbend Platform Operator logo
        Akka Platform Operator

        By Lightbend, Inc

        Akka Platform enables you to deliver responsive, globally consistent systems at scale, backed by self-healing protocols that automatically protect your business systems—from code to cluster.

        Aspera logo
        Aspera High-Speed Data Transfer

        By IBM

        Moving the world’s data at maximum speed with fast file transfer solutions built on the award-winning IBM FASP protocol, IBM Aspera software moves data of any size across any distance.

        RHM - Hazelcast IMDG logo
        Hazelcast IMDG

        By Hazelcast

        The Hazelcast IMDG (in-memory data grid) is a set of networked/clustered computers that pool together their random access memory (RAM) to let applications share data structures with other applications running in the cluster.

        Hazelcast Jet logo
        Hazelcast Jet

        By Hazelcast

        Build fault-tolerant and distributed data pipelines that transform and aggregate data in real-time data at constant low latencies. First-class support for Apache Kafka, Hadoop, Hazelcast and many other data sources and sinks.

        IBM MQ logo
        IBM MQ

        By IBM

        IBM MQ offers enterprise-grade messaging capabilities that skillfully and safely move information between applications.

        Insurance Claims Bot logo
        Insurance Claims Bot

        By Tovie AI

        Enhance customer experience using an Insurance Claims Bot: boost the rate of successful insurance claim processing at the first call

        KubeMQ logo

        By KubeMQ Ltd.

        Kubernetes Messaging Platform. Message broker and message queue with ready to use connectors, bridges, and control center.

        XRay logo
        Nastel XRay

        By Nastel Technologies

        Business and IT operational monitoring, alerting and analytics by capturing, storing, analysing & reporting on data from all middlewares & applications across any business transaction to achieve SLAs & problem diagnostics.

        New Generation Intelligent WhaleDI logo
        New Generation Intelligent WhaleDI Solution

        By Whale Cloud Technology Co Ltd

        Whale Cloud Technology (WCT) started its business in the domestic telecom operator software market 18 years ago, and then expanded into overseas markets. Whale Cloud has 3 main divisions, Cloud Service Division, Domestic Business Division and International Business Division. The cloud service department mainly provides MSP, cloud construction and operation for telecom customers.

        Red Hat AMQ logo
        Red Hat AMQ Streams

        By Red Hat

        Build high performing streaming applications at cloud scale

        Red Hat Runtimes logo
        Red Hat Runtimes

        By Red Hat

        Accelerate application development and delivery to gain a competitive edge and deliver innovative solutions. Red Hat Runtimes provides comprehensive frameworks, runtimes and programming languages, for developers, architects and IT leaders.

        Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform logo
        Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform - RCAP

        By Responsiv

        RCAP is a fully managed service integrating information, processes, and users to automate workflows on premises or cloud. Across your RHEL, Ansible, and RPA tools RCAP provides:• Process automation• Integrated BPM and case management• Workflow management • Built-in visibility and analytics to enhance decision making• Integration management• Scalable low cost subscription-based pricing

        Triggermesh logo
        Sources for Amazon Web Services by TriggerMesh

        By Triggermesh

        TriggerMesh Sources for Amazon Web Services (SAWS) are event sources for AWS services that enables users to consume message from AWS services and send them as cloud events.

        Virtual Event Solution logo
        Virtual Event Solution

        By IMG_PLAY

        IMG_PLAY offers a range of fully managed, secure and interactive Video and Virtual Event Solutions. We integrated IBM Video Streaming within a Virtual Conference framework, enriched with guaranteed distribution to Mainland China and also live simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages right inside the IBM Player.