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STASH 1-Click Ransomless Ransomware Protection & Recovery Solution logo
1-Click No Ransom Ransomware Solution

By Stash Global Inc.

Accomplishes the previously impossible: turns the most damaging cyberattack of all, ransomware, into just another business problem that is solved with the click of a button without paying a cent (or cyber coin) of ransom. Zero Trust & Self-Healing.

Ivory Service Architect logo
Adaptive Integration Fabric

By Adaptigent

True drag and drop mainframe integration that quickly connects legacy mainframe systems with modern and cloud-based applications to dramatically accelerate modernization. (Adaptive Integration Fabric is formerly known as Ivory Service Architect.)

Dataset logo
Airline Reporting Carrier On-Time Performance Dataset

By IBM Data Asset eXchange

The Reporting Carrier On-Time Performance Dataset contains US domestic flights between 1987 and 2020.

Lightbend Platform Operator logo
Akka Platform Operator

By Lightbend, Inc

Akka Platform enables you to deliver responsive, globally consistent systems at scale, backed by self-healing protocols that automatically protect your business systems—from code to cluster.

AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration logo
AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration

By Aarna Networks Inc.

AMCOP is an open-source platform for 5G network services and edge computing applications deployed on public or private Kubernetes clusters that orchestrates CNFs with a GUI frontend or REST API.

AnonTech ViziVault logo
AnonTech ViziVault

By AnonTech

Secure & manage personal information and comply with data privacy regulations with ViziVault by AnonTech.

AnzoGraph DB logo
AnzoGraph DB

By Cambridge Semantics

Massively scalable graph database for analytics and data harmonization

Sumo Logic Kubernetes Observability logo
Application Observability

By Sumo Logic

Application Observability delivers correlated full-stack visibility for managing the reliability of modern applications and monitoring the underlying infrastructure to deliver the best digital experience.

Site Reliability Automation logo
Appranix Container Application Resilience

By Appranix

Industry-first Container Application Resilience SaaS for the entire Kubernetes environment protection along with external data and platform service(s) backup and disaster recovery

Aqua Security logo
Aqua Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

By Aqua Security

The Aqua Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) helps teams deliver applications faster and automate more while better detecting, managing and remediating risk from code to production and maturing their DevSecOps practices.

Cyber Armor logo


Secure your cloud workload in minutes, and empower DevOps to automatically deploy secured environments. Create an inherently resilient environment where only valid workloads can run, communicate, and access data.

Aspera logo
Aspera High-Speed Data Transfer


Moving the world’s data at maximum speed with fast file transfer solutions built on the award-winning IBM FASP protocol, IBM Aspera software moves data of any size across any distance.

Atomic Workload Protection logo
Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

By Atomicorp

Adds manageability, security, and compliance features to OSSEC, the world's most popular open source server intrusion detection system.

Dataset logo
Austin Crime Reports

By Austin Police Department

City of Austin crime reports from 2003 to present

Bamboo Rose  Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail logo
Bamboo Rose Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail

By Bamboo Rose

Connects all members of the product and supply chain community to drive value.  We increase efficiency and speed to market by managing all product categories on one platform and reduce risk with total visibility across all business units.

Product for BigID logo
BigID Data Intelligence and Discovery Platform

By BigiD Inc

Actionable Data Intelligence & Discovery across Data Privacy, Data Security and Data Governance

Dataset logo
Births Data Summary


Natality Data from CDC Births

BloxOne Threat Defense logo
BloxOne Threat Defense

By Infoblox

Infoblox BloxOne® Threat Defense provides hybrid protective DNS services to secure networks, devices and users from cyberthreats on- and off-premises, including remote locations and home offices.

Dataset logo
Border Crossing Entry Data

By Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Inbound crossings at the U.S.-Canada and the U.S.-Mexico border at the port level

Dataset logo
Boston Public Safety - 311 Service Requests

By City of Boston

Boston 311 service requests from 2011 to present

Bugcrowd Platform logo
Bugcrowd Cybersecurity Solutions

By Bugcrowd

Crowdsourced-powered SaaS platform combining data-driven crowd engagement, integrated validation and triage, built-in workflows, and a rich knowledge graph to reduce risk, improve security ROI, and accelerate digital transformation.

Dataset logo
Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey

By U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics CPS is a monthly survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics for U.S. households.

Dataset logo
CDC COVID-19 Forecasts


COVID-19 forecasts for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths

Dataset logo


A weekly influenza surveillance report for the United States on Influenza-Liked Illness (ILI)

Dataset logo
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Dual Enrollment


Dual enrollment of Medicare and Medicaid by county

Dataset logo
CFPB Consumer Complaint Database


Complaints about consumer financial products and services

CircleCI logo
CircleCI - CI/CD

By CircleCI

The world's best cloud-native Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery solution. Build, test and deploy for Linux, macOS, Docker, and Windows, in the cloud or on your server

Dataset logo Database

By is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world

Dataset logo
CMS Data Entrepreneurs Synthetic Public Use File - DESynPUF


Synthetic Medicare patient data public use file logo


Operating System for Machine Learning & AI providing an end-to-end machine learning platform to build and deploy AI models at scale

CockroachDB Operator logo

By Cockroach Labs

CockroachDB is a cloud-native, distributed SQL database. It implements a standard, developer-friendly SQL interface and provides linear, automated scale for your data without the labor intensive overhead of manual sharding.

Avanseus Cognitive Assistant for Networks logo
Cognitive Assistant for Networks

By Avanseus

Avanseus Cognitive Assistant for Networks (CAN), applies AI and machine learning to predict where a network is likely to fail next, and what to do before it happens.

Dataset logo
Commercial Aviation Departures

By Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Commercial aviation departures by day

Dataset logo
Commodity Flow Survey - 2017

By Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Information on commodities from manufacturing, mining, wholesale, and selected retail and services establishments

Coralogix logo

By Coralogix

Stateful Streaming Analytics for Observability Data Real-time insights and trend analysis for logs, metrics, and security data with no reliance on storage or indexing

Dataset logo
Correctional Populations In The United States 2017 and 2018

By Bureau of Justice Statistics

Statistics on populations supervised by adult correctional systems in the United States

Cortex Certifai logo
Cortex Certifai

By CognitiveScale Inc

Gain visibility and control over automated decisions by managing the risk and optimizing the value of black-box AI models. Certifai automatically detects and scores model risks including performance, data drift, bias, explainability, and robustness.

Couchbase  Server logo
Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition

By Couchbase

Develop with agility and deploy on any cloud, at any scale. Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.3 is a landmark release that’s built to take advantage of the latest Kubernetes improvements in the areas of security, observability, and auto-scaling.

Dataset logo
County Transportation Profiles

By Bureau of Transportation Statistics

County Transportation Profile Statistics

Dataset logo
COVID-19 - US Mobility

By Descartes Lab

Mobility changes in response to COVID-19, provided by Descartes Labs

Dataset logo
COVID-19 Data Repository by CSSE at JHU


Repository of aggregated coronavirus COVID-19 cases by JHU

Dataset logo
COVID-19 Estimated Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by State


State-aggregated data for estimated patient impact and hospital utilization.

Dataset logo
COVID-19 Tests - New York State

By New York State Government

Number of COVID-19 test performed in New York State

Dataset logo
COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Allocations by Jurisdiction - Moderna


Lists the allocations of COVID-19 vaccine doses made available for states and jurisdictions to order against for Moderna vaccine

Dataset logo
COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Allocations by Jurisdiction - Pfizer


Lists the allocations of COVID-19 vaccine doses made available for states and jurisdictions to order against for Pfizer vaccine

CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security logo
CrowdStrike Cloud Security

By CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike Cloud Security unifies cloud security posture management together with breach protection for cloud workloads and containers for any cloud, in a single platform.

CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection logo
CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection

By CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike is the leader in cloud-delivered next-gen endpoint protection and the first and only company to unify next-gen AV and endpoint detection and response (EDR) delivered via a single lightweight agent.

CrowdStrike Falcon Platform logo
CrowdStrike Falcon Platform

By CrowdStrike

Easily install and deploy Falcon Sensors to the control-pane and worker nodes running on Red Hat OpenShift platform 4

Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes logo
Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes

By Crunchy Data

Deploy trusted open source PostgreSQL at scale. Crunchy PostgreSQL for OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) includes Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator and Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite supporting hybrid cloud, open source PostgreSQL-as-a-Service.

Dataset logo
Current UN World Population

By United Nations

List of countries by population obtained from the United Nations (UN)

Dataset logo
Daily Transit Ridership

By Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Daily transit ridership by agency and date for select cities

Dataset logo
Dallas Police Incidents

By Dallas Open Data

Dallas Police Public Data - RMS Incidents beginning June 1, 2014 to current-date

Datadog logo

By Datadog

Monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications that aggregates data across your entire stack with 400+ integrations for troubleshooting, alerting and graphing.

Datastax Enterprise logo
DataStax Enterprise

By DataStax

Built on Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise is hardened by the largest internet apps, proven by the Fortune 100, and supports more NoSQL workloads - from Graph to Search and Analytics.

Dataset logo
Debt to the Penny

By Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Total debt of the U.S. government reported daily, April 1993 to present

Densify RHM logo

By Densify

Patented machine learning analytics that enables automated management and optimization of hybrid cloud and container resources. Densify provides visibility into your hybrid cloud and containers and automates application resource selection.

Dataset logo
Denver Crime Data

By City and County of Denver

Criminal offenses in the City and County of Denver for the previous five years plus the current year to date

CloudHedge logo
Discover - Transform - Cruize

By CloudHedge Technologies Inc

CloudHedge is a Red Hat Technology Partner leveraging its Red Hat Certified containerization tools - Discover, Transform and Cruize to containerize legacy applications on OpenShift.

Dynatrace_RHM logo

By Dynatrace

Provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation

LABS.AI logo


Scalable Open Source Chatbot Platform to build multiple Chatbots with NLP, Behavior Rules, API Connector, and Templating. EDDI has been developed in Java (with Quarkus), and is being provided with Docker and orchestrated with Openshift.