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High-performance distributed SQL database for global, internet-scale apps. Power multi-region, multi-cloud apps with full ACID guarantees, extreme resilience and global data distribution. PostgreSQL compatible, Kubernetes native, 100% Apache 2.0 OSS.

*Requires OpenShift to install

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Built using a unique combination of PostgreSQL compatibility, high-performance document store, per-shard distributed consensus replication, and multi-shard ACID transactions, YugabyteDB serves both scale-out RDBMS and internet-scale OLTP workloads with low query latency, extreme resilience against failures and global data distribution. As a cloud native DB, it can be deployed across public and private clouds as well as in Kubernetes environments with ease, without the fear of losing data.

Developer Agility

Leverage full power of PostgreSQL-compatible relational data modeling combined with distributed ACID transactions. Absolute correctness guaranteed.

Resilient Services

Ensure continuous availability even when underlying compute, storage or network fails. Database cluster self-heals in seconds without any manual intervention.

Massive Scalability

Horizontal write scaling now for SQL databases. Add and remove nodes to the database cluster at will. Say no to over-provisioning forever.

Geographic Data Distribution

Bring data closer to your geo-distributed users. Leverage global consistency to wow users and drive business growth.

Multicloud & Hybrid Cloud

Manage your transactional data alongside your Kubernetes applications across public and private clouds. Flexible mutlicloud deployment options include xCluster asynchronous replication and read replicas.

100% Open Source

No hidden traps to slow you down. Enterprise features such as distributed backups, data encryption and change data capture available under Apache 2.0 license.

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