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Provides everything you need to conduct real-time forensics and log management for all of your IT data—without performing complex installations or upgrades, and without the need to manage and scale any hardware or storage.

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Modern cloud applications are at the core of digital transformation. These applications are much more complex, ephemeral in nature and have many interdependencies that traditional operations and security solutions can't handle. Sumo Logic is a secure cloud-native analytics platform that helps you make data-driven decisions and reduce the time to investigate security and operational issues so you can free up resources for more important activities.

Collect & centralize

More than 150 applications and integrations make it easy to aggregate data across your stack and down your pipeline.

Search & investigate

Real-time analytics help you rapidly identify and resolve potential cyber attacks, detect and prevent breaches, and reduce compliance costs.

Monitor & visualize

Customizable dashboards align teams by visualizing logs, metrics and performance data for full-stack visibility and reliable delivery.

Alert & notify

Machine-learning algorithms work 24/7 and alert you if there’s an important event or problem to fix.

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Up to 10GB daily log ingest with 30 days retention, unlimited users, unlimited queries

Advanced full stack observability insights with integrated logs, metrics, & tracing

Global operational intelligence for best in class benchmarking

Advanced analytical features such as Root Cause Explorer, search API's, and enterprise audit logging

Full Sumo Credit configuration flexibility (7,373 credits allocated per year per quoted GB)

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