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Robin Cloud Native Storage is a purpose-built container-native storage solution that brings advanced data management capabilities to OpenShift.

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Robin Cloud Native Storage is a CSI-compliant block storage solution that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes-native administrative tools. Robin CNS manages app+data as a single entity on OpenShift, all while delivering bare-metal performance. Robin Storage is available on the Operator Hub as a storage class, and any stateful application can gain the data management capabilities required for effective lifecycle management.

Robin Cloud Native Storage is Application-Aware

Robin Cloud Native Storage is application-aware. The “Application” construct provides the context for all RobinStorage operations. All lifecycle operations are performed by treating app+data as a single entity. For example, when you snapshot a MongoDB application, Robin Storage captures the entire application topology and its configuration (i.e., specs of Pod, Service, StatefulSet, Secrets, ConfigMaps, etc), and all data volumes to create a point-in-time app checkpoint.

Data Protection and Security

Protect app+data with replication, snapshots, backup and recovery to run always-on applications. Secure data with encryption at rest and in motion. Safeguard against data corruption with checksum error-detection.

Automated Data Management

Bring automated management of app+data (not just storage) to kubectl, Helm, and Operators. Enable quick and easy deployment of enterprise workloads on any Kubernetes distribution.

High Performance at Scale and QoS Guarantee

Get high-performance enterprise-grade storage trusted and validated by Redhat. Experience bare-metal performance with the flexibility and scale of software-defined storage. Guarantee QoS for high priority applications by setting IOPS limits per application.

DevOps for Stateful Applications

Enable collaboration across geos and teams by cloning app+data in minutes. Quickly share app+data among dev, QA, and production teams to shorten release cycles.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Enable easy movement of app+data, between on-prem and cloud(s). Avoid infrastructure lock-in and run your applications on the most cost-effective infrastructure.

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