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Portshift Containers Protection Platform

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Portshift Containers Protection Platform

By Portshift

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A cloud-native (agentless) solution, protecting workloads deployed in Openshift clusters from vulnerabilities, hardening configuration, "zero trust networking" compliance and threats mitigation offering

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An OpenShift native security solution on a single pane of glass for containers and OpenShift elements security. Providing comprehensive security offering that covers images vulnerabilities, pods configurations, OpenShift resources abuse and misconfigured setup. It's a native service mesh security offering with declarative and self-learning policies for secured network communication inside and outside the cluster. Agentless enforcement, SaaS management and declerative policies engines.

Pods Authorization

Authorizing pods deployments, verifying their source and their vulnerabilities level. Preventing unauthorized deployments or image modifications

Secured Deployments

Hardening the security context of deployed pods, minimizing the attack surface or miconfiguration abuse

Network Policies - Service Mesh integration

Allowing simplified network policies and Zero-Trust network model by leveraging of service-mesh architecture to achieve maximum network security in minimal configuration effort. Policies cover inner cluster, outer-cluster and encryption options

Roles/Permissions verification

Inspecting the cluster permissions to identify potential overly permissive or wide roles

Visualized Topology

Visualizing all pods and services communication in a graphical representation. Allowing users to see their internal and external communications between services and resources

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Unlimited Security functionality

Runtime protection of OpenShift clusters (vulnerabilities, configurations, compliance)

Risk Assessment and mitigation

All CI/CD plugins are available with the commercial edition

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  • Scott K.

    Scott K.

    General Manager at Atlantic Data Security, LLC

    Verified Current User
    Review source: Organic
    Verified Current User
    Review source: Organic
    Not ratedMay 12, 2020

    "Container Security is a must"

    What do you like best?

    I love the integration of security at runtime. So many solutions do not address the constant and consistent need for applying security controls. I also like the ability to apply a Digital Identity to all workloads.

    What do you dislike?

    There is nothing at this point that I have found to be a negative in the service. In fact they have continued to enhance including offering free ware such as Kubie.

    What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

    There is a constant challenge in educating the developers to applied the necessary security controls to process. Portshift Container Security helps us in that daily. We also gain the benefit of being able to watch workloads that have been deployed to identify (through digital identification) which ones were not created during run time and should be suspended.