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Modeling Tool

By PerceptiLabs, Inc

Certified enterprise ready

A visual modeling tool for machine learning at warp speed.

*Requires OpenShift to install

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PerceptiLabs visual modeling tool provides a GUI for building, training, and assessing your models, while also enabling deeper development with code. You get faster iterations and better explainability of the results.

Fast Modeling

Make changes, debug, and tune your model through the GUI or custom code editor where every component/layer is re-programmable. Choose from multiple neural network models as well as classical AI methods.

Transparency of Model Performance and Results

Get instant feedback into your model’s performance through the visualization of the architecture, to better review and understand the results. See real-time analytics in every operation and variable, and granular previews of output from each model component.


Customize your environment and statistics dashboard. Use high-level abstractions or low-level code. Choose a local or cloud-based version. Execute any custom Python code or export a fully-trained TensorFlow model to perform inference in your projects.

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