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Operator Service for Jenkins® on Red Hat Marketplace is a cloud-native Jenkins® platform for scalable and cost-effective continuous integration in the public cloud. Built on top of Kubernetes, our Operator Service for Jenkins® enables you to fully automate Jenkins® pipelines, plugins, and any additional configuration needed. Take an advantage of improved Security out-of-the-box. Ships with security hardening scripts already applied.

Elastic Scalability

No more waiting for available Jenkins® workers to run your CI/CD job. No idling resources. Agent pods can be created on-demand and destroyed when no longer in use.

Configuration as Code

No more custom changes that get lost after redeploying Jenkins®. No more problems with setting new environments as everything is driven by configuration stored in the repo.

Security and Compliance

You start with secure defaults and hardening preventing typical security exposures.

OpenShift Integration

Benefit from the integration with your OpenShift cluster: OAuth server, RBAC, auto-scaling Agent pods, and more.

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Jenkins® lifecycle management

Full GitOps configuration

OpenShift integration (OAuth and more)