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Multi-Cloud Application Network as a Service

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Multi-Cloud Application Network as a Service

By Nethopper

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Nethopper MultiCloud Application Network as a Service is the easy button for Hybrid & MultiCloud. Discover, distribute, and securely connect your deployments and services across all your k8s clusters. Works will all private and public clouds and K8s.

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OpenShift 4.6+

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Nethopper MultiCloud Application Network is BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud). We don't make the clouds you use, we make them better. Distribute, manage, and connect application services across multiple clouds. Nethopper works on OpenShift 4 and 3 (as deployment), Amazon AKS, Google GKE, Azure AKS, Rancher, vanilla kubernetes, minikube, and others. Nethopper will simplify your operation, and reduce your effort, while increasing your productivity and security. And it's all supported by RedHat.

MultiCloud Application Distribution

Whether you have 2 clouds or 2000, you can store and manage all your kubernetes objects centrally with Nethopper, and then distribute them to whichever clouds you like with a simple policy. No more switching between 100s of kubectl terminals, and hoping that all your clouds are configured and operating properly. Nethopper let's you manage and upgrade 100s of clouds from a single console, with a simple object and cloud tagging policy engine.

Multi-Cloud Services

Expose pods/deployments from one cloud to another without all of the complexity of service meshes, ingresses, and network router firewall changes? With nethopper, it is so simple, and only takes a few clicks. Just 'expose' a deployment (same as creating a service), and check the box to make it multicloud. Now, which ever clouds you distribute that service to, you'll be able to access those deployments. Now, all your clouds and datacenters are connected, in one big secure multicloud cloud.

MultiCloud Monitoring and Alerts

Do you ever get caught by surprise when your applications misbehave? Stop reacting, and be 'Pro' active. With Nethopper, you can setup an alarm system, and get an email when trouble happens. Nethopper is constantly monitoring your clouds and services, and we detect problems before your customers do. Set alerts for when clouds, deployments, or services change or fail anywhere in your MultiiCloud. Sleep better at night knowing that are actively monitoring your multi-cloud.

Global Service Load Balancing

When you use a cloud load balancer to expose a kubernetes service, it only does LOCAL load balancing between the pods in the local cluster. Nethopper Multi-Cloud services are GLOBALLY load balanced, meaning that service connection request from ANY cloud you choose are distributed across ALL the deployed pods in ALL your clusters. Global load balancing is a better than local load balancing, as it provides protection against cluster and cloud failure.

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