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kPow for Apache Kafka

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Keep Kafka simple with kPow, the essential Monitoring, Management and Learning Tool. kPow unlocks full potential of Apache Kafka® and AMQ Streams saving developer hours, increasing productivity and facilitating the rapid resolution of Kafka queries.

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OpenShift 4.2+

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  • Yes.

    kPow provides built in Serdes for viewing message key and value data from Kafka topics, including support for Apache Avro when a Schema Registry is configured.

    Operatr supports pluggable custom serdes for your data formats.

    User access to topic data can be managed by configuring role based access control with your integrated SSO provider.

  • Yes.

    kPow takes snapshots of your cluster and all connected consumers every minute and calculates consumer lag to an individual consumer group assignment level.

    Operatr provides consumer lag metrics in multiple dimensions including consumer group, topic, broker, and consumer host.

  • kPow supports HTTPS out-of-the-box integrates with OpenID and SAML SSO providers for user authentication and provides fine-grained control of user permissions via role-based access controls.

    kPow stores all data in local topics within your cluster (or primary cluster if multiple are configured) meaning no data leaves your network.

    kPow is well suited to air-gapped, security-conscious deployments.

  • kPow runs as a single Docker container with no further dependencies.

    We recommend running Operatr with 1 CPU and 2 GB Memory and find those resources suitable for a stereotypical deployment configured with three Kafka Clusters, one Schema Registry, and one Kafka Connect installation.

    Smaller installations may require as little as 0.25 CPU and 500 MB Memory.

    kPow does not require disk access as all data is held in memory or in your Kafka Cluster.

  • kPow connects to your Kafka Cluster with exactly the same configuration as a Kafka Consumer or Producer and does not require access to Zookeeper or JMX.

    kPow provides configuration options for every connection permutation supported by Apache Kafka, including the ability to configure BCFKS keystores for FIPS deployments.

    If you have the configuration to connect a producer or consumer to Kafka, you can connect kPow.