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True drag and drop mainframe integration that quickly connects legacy mainframe systems with modern and cloud-based applications to dramatically accelerate modernization.

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Installing Ivory Studio

The file IvoryStudio.exe starts the install process.
The install wizard prompts for the required entries. The license key file (named key.lic) provided by GT Software is needed to complete the Studio installation.
Be sure to read the specific installation instructions supplied in the readme.txt file.

Caution: Ivory Studio needs to be installed by an Administrator on Windows 7 and above.

Installation Notes:

  • Ivory Server is installed separately.
  • The installers are created for and supported under normal Windows environments (real machines), not for virtual machine environments.
  • Administrator privileges are needed to install Studio.


  • When you upgrade Ivory Studio, you should upgrade Ivory Server to the same (or a later) release. An older Ivory Server release may not support all features of the newer Studio release, which may lead to incomplete processing or SOAP faults at server runtime.
  • It is generally best to uninstall any older releases of Studio. Errors are likely to occur if you switch between different releases of Studio when working on a project. The Studio installation wizard does not automatically uninstall an earlier release.

Technical Specifications

Ivory Studio

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional, Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003
  • 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor (minimum)
  • 256 MB memory
  • Windows .NET Framework 4.0


  • The WSDL generated by Studio can be processed using Java J2EE, Visual Studio .NET, or any languages or operating systems that support SOAP client processing.

Ivory Studio Footprint
The Studio executable requires roughly 4 MB of disk space. The total size for the Studio install base with documentation, Studio samples, and executables is about 40 MB. If you install all of the vendor samples, the size will be about 80 MB.

License Manager
The Ivory Studio License Manager utility provides an easy means to manage the required license key file for Studio.
The License Manager is a standalone executable. To run the utility, select Start> Programs> GT_Software> Ivory Studio> Tools> Ivory License Manager.
The License Manager displays the details of the license (key.lic) file, including the license expiration date. If there isn't a valid license file in the Program Files/GT_Software/Ivory_Studio/bin folder, the utility displays an error message.
You cannot start Studio without a valid license key file in the /bin folder.

Copy the License File Information from an Email
If you receive the license key information in an e-mail, you can copy the license information and paste it into the input field at the bottom of the License Manager window. Click Save As to validate the license contents and store the license file. The name defaults to indicate the machine name, such as allusers_key.lic, but can be changed.
If you want to use the license file immediately, click Activate to copy it to the /bin folder.

Deploy the License File from a Network Location
If the key.lic file isn't found, or if you want to use a different license file, click Browse and navigate to the location where you've saved the license file. The selected file path and name are displayed in the Key File field, and the license details display if the file has a valid format.
Click Activate to copy that license file into the /bin folder. Studio immediately begins using the new license file.

Regardless of the name used to save the license file, it will be renamed key.lic when it is deployed to the /bin folder.

Trial Users
If you are using a trial version of Studio and your 30-day license expires, go to the About screen (Help> About) and click the button to extend the trial period. You will be prompted to enter the trial extension key provided by GT Software.