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IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric

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IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric logo

IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric


Certified enterprise ready

Support for the leading business blockchain open source project via certified images of Hyperledger Fabric*

Runs on

OpenShift 4.6+

Delivery method


IBM break-fix support for Hyperledger Fabric is provided through certified images of the open-source code. This support can be purchased from the Red Hat marketplace in the US or Canada or purchased from your reseller or IBM representative elsewhere. Support entitlements include 1) IBM certified images of Hyperledger-Fabric, 2) Kubernetes Operator, and 3) Certified Image of Fabric Operations Console. * Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise blockchain open source project of the Linux Foundation.

24x7 Break-fix support

IBM provides 24x7 break-fix support for Sev. 1 issues to help keep your production environments up and running.

IBM Certified Images

IBM supports the provided certified images of Hyperledger Fabric, the necessary Kybernetes operator, and the Fabric Operations Console - all of which are security scanned and tested by IBM experts.

Simple Deployment

Image deployment via a Kubernetes operator is included at no cost. The provided Kubernetes operator will save you time and headaches along the way to achieving your blockchain objectives. It must be used to deploy your environment, to validate your support entitlement and to ensure that the images are properly setup.

Simple Network Operations Management

An industry award winning operations console (Fabric Operations Console from Hyperledger labs) provides a web interface and back-end API to easily deploy, configure and manage fabric components. This user-friendly and intuitive console is also included and is required for support.

Hyperledger Fabric

*Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source Project of the Linux Foundation. It is an enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger(aka blockchain) framework for developing solutions and applications. It has a modular and versatile design that satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. Hyperledger Fabric offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while also preserving privacy.

Pricing summary

Plans starting at

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Kubernetes Operator (to deploy and configure the Fabric Operations Console)

Certified Image of Fabric Operations Console (open-source from Hyperledger Labs).

IBM certified images of Hyperledger Fabric -security scanned daily for known vulnerabilities.

The provided Kubernetes operator and easy to use blockchain network operating tools .

Help the users avoid numerous deployment and operations problems and used to deploy and operate.

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