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Certified enterprise ready

Proven, flexible and built to run on any cloud and optimized for OpenShift. Deploy the leading Hyperledger Fabric commercial platform in the environment that’s right for your enterprise.

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OpenShift 4.3+

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The most advanced and most open Hyperledger Fabric tools, and technologies to help build, govern, operate and grow blockchain solutions that can be deployed anywhere. The IBM Blockchain Platform is IBM's commercial deployment of Hyperledger Fabric open source, the leading distributed ledger technology for enterprises.

Powerful, easy-to-use developer productivity tools

The IBM Blockchain Platform helps make any developer a blockchain developer. Enjoy smooth integration between smart contract development and network management with our new Visual Studio (VS) Code extension. With simplified DevOps in a seamless environment, your team can move easily from development, to test, to production. Plus, smart contracts can be developed in JavaScript, Java, and Go languages.

Operate and govern networks with total control

Deploy only the Hyperledger Fabric components you need (Peer, Ordering Service, Certificate Authority). You can manage all network components through a single console, no matter where they are deployed — and maintain complete control over identities, ledger, and smart contracts.

Manage multicloud, hybrid cloud, on-premises networks

Connect to nodes running in any environment (on-premises, public, hybrid clouds) and easily connect a single peer to multiple industry networks. You can start small, with no upfront investment, pay as you grow, and upgrade easily through Kubernetes.

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Intuitive console to deploy, manage, upgrade, govern, and scale your network

Latest Hyperledger Fabric features with industry-leading support from experts, 24x7x365

Compatibility with Red Hat CodeReady workspaces for smart contract development

Integration with Ansible Collections for faster network deployment and onboarding

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