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Proven, flexible and built to run on any cloud and optimized for OpenShift. Deploy the leading Hyperledger Fabric commercial platform in the environment that’s right for your enterprise.

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OpenShift 4.3+

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  • Blockchain is a disruptive distributed technology with impact across industries. Due to the finality (immutability) and distributed visibility of the blockchain ledger data, blockchain allows businesses to increase trust between organizations and make more informed decisions quicker which lead to improved efficiency, reduced costs and reduced risks. Blockchain as a fundamental ecosystem technology creates synergy among value chain partners which enables the creation of entirely new transformative business models.

  • Hyperledger Fabric is an open source project of The Linux Foundation, an organization with a long track-record of managing open source. As a true open source project, it has hundreds of member companies contributing to its innovation and stability. Hyperledger Fabric has matured to the point where it has surpassed the version 2.0 milestone making it a blockchain protocol enterprises can use confidently with production business workloads. It is presently the most widely used permissioned blockchain protocol. Hyperledger Fabric was designed to be a distributed ledger technology that meets the specific needs of business. Its modular design and pluggable consensus algorithms make it an ideal base for building a wide variety of industry solutions.

    At the time of this writing, is the only DLT technology that is a available as an offering on 10 of the top 10 public cloud providers

  • IBM Blockchain Platform is IBM's commercial distribution of Hyperledger Fabric. IBM tests the open source code for security vulnerabilities daily and provides 24x7x365 support. Hyperledger Fabric is a versatile, pluggable, open source distributed ledger technology capable of addressing a wide variety of use cases across many industries.

    A blockchain platform, such as the IBM Blockchain Platform, adds business production requirements on top of the open source code giving you the ability to run business blockchain solutions with confidence. With the IBM Blockchain Platform you can easily manage multiple versions and upgrades of the Hyperledger Fabric source code to take advantage of fixes and new innovations without downtime. You can also manage the versioning, deployment, and updates to smart contracts. The IBM Blockchain Platform also helps you to govern and manage the membership of your network more efficiently. Manage ledgers (peers) being maintained on different public cloud infrastructures. This multicloud capability allows you to truly unleash the power of blockchain to bring together different organizations regardless of what infrastructure they are running on.

  • A permissioned blockchain as the name implies requires permission to join, get a copy of the ledger and to transact with others. This means those transacting on the blockchain are known (not anonymous) and there is accountability for actions taken on the blockchain. Enterprises need this accountability in their business transactions. Permissioned networks are also known for their ability to protect the privacy of transactions. Transactions in Hyperledger Fabric can be set up using channels which can allow for 1-to-1 , or 1-to-many private blockchain interactions. Permissioned networks also do not need to use power and time-consuming proof-of-work or proof-of-stake consensus algorithms to verify who can conduct a transaction. Since they are not anonymous, they use more efficient consensus algorithms. Permissioned business networks therefore can scale and have much higher performance with more transactions per second. Finally, more security controls are built into Hyperledger Fabric permissioned blockchains with fully encrypted blocks and fault tolerance that keeps data secure even in the presence of bad or careless actors.