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Certified enterprise ready

Discover and manage high quality AI building blocks to speed up development, deployment and governance of trustworthy AI systems.

*Requires OpenShift to install

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Trusted catalog of AI assets that helps data engineers, data scientists, machine learning enthusiasts, researchers easily discover, learn, contribute and collaborate to develop AI applications. With tight integration to CognitiveScale’s Cortex platform, it offers the following benefits: Provides AI Trust Index scores for data and models risks against data quality, explainability, robustness, fairness, and compliance, Search, discovery and governance of Trusted AI assets.

Trusted data and models

Cortex Hub provides scanning of models based on Cortex Certifai’s ability to perform black box model scanning around fairness, explainability, robustness, and compliance. AI developers and machine learning enthusiasts can be rest assured that these models are trusted and can be used to make reliable decisions.

Asset governance and re-use

With Cortex Hub, customers can control access and gain visibility into assets usage. By using Cortex Certifai’s AI Trust Index (ATX) scores for models and datasets, customers can ensure proper levels of standard is established for consumption. Cortex Hub promotes assets re-use and discovery by providing search as well as filters in addition to providing tags for asset categorization.

Configurable for Multi-cloud and on-prem deployment

Cortex Hub requires only standard Github login credentials to sign up. Once set up, it is easy to start cataloging your AI assets with a few simple steps.

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