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Ultra resilient, distributed SQL that can easily scale-out serializable transactions for your apps and services. It is cloud-native, architected to simplify scale and also guarantee consistent transactions across multiple regions and multiple clouds.

*Requires OpenShift to install

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Distributed SQL gives you resilient, horizontal scale across multiple clouds with always-on availability and data partitioned by location. Invest in resilience, not disaster recovery: CRDB automatically replicates and repairs data so you can keep your services running and your customers happy. ACID transactions ensure you avoid costly data integrity bugs without wasting time manually syncing services.


Scale Your Data, Not Operational Complexity: CockroachDB scales horizontally without reconfiguration or need for a massive architectural overhaul. Simply add a new node to the cluster and CockroachDB takes care of the underlying complexity. Scale by simply adding new nodes to a CockroachDB cluster Automate balancing and distribution of ranges, not shards Optimize server utilization evenly across all nodes


Architect Your Data However You Want: CockroachDB allows you to deploy a database on-prem, in the cloud or even across clouds, all as a single store. It is a simple and straightforward bridge to your future, cloud-based data architecture. Eliminate risk associated with a single cloud platform Deploy on multiple clouds and partition data across them Use the right cloud and set of services for the right job


Access Your Data, All The Time & Everywhere: CockroachDB delivers an always-on and available database designed so that any loss of nodes is consumed without impact to availability. It creates & manages replicas of your data to ensure reliability. Eliminate complex, expensive backup configurations Avoid arduous, annoying remediation events (Zero RPO) Rolling upgrades eliminate downtime & ease updates/schema changes


Give Your Data A Location: CockroachDB is the only database in the world that enables you to attach ‘location’ to your data at the row level. This capability allows you to regulate the distance between your users and their data. Ensure low latency to end-users wherever they are. Pin data to a locale to comply with data protection laws. Tie specific data to specific clouds or datacenters.

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    Review source: Invitation from G2
    Review source: Invitation from G2
    (0)Jan 19, 2019

    "A SQL Database That Actually Scales"

    What do you like best?

    CockroachDB is an innovation solution to easily scaling our SQL database and the fact that scaling works out of the box is a huge advantage to our team. Some of the advice features, such as managing data locality, are also very convenient and have saved our team many, many hours of work by not having to implement these features ourselves.

    What do you dislike?

    Depending on what your requirements are, you may find this solution much slower than a traditional database solution. Latency can be an issue and some SQL queries are not sufficiently optimized by the product.

    What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

    CockroachDB allows us to a SQL interface database for our web app that is extremely easy to scale. The fact that we can host is across cloud providers and utilize CockroachDB themselves for managing our database has resulted is much simpler database management.