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Red Hat Marketplace Operator


Red Hat Marketplace Operator

Red Hat Marketplace operator provides a mechanism to register your OpenShift clusters with the Red Hat Marketplace. The operator handles installation of software from the marketplace to your cluster as well as gathering basic telemetry data that is used for licensing, billing, and customization.

Cluster artifacts

The operator creates the following artifacts on the cluster under the openshift-redhat-marketplace namespace:

  • Controllers and Custom Resource Definitions—installs Operators, includes Razee agent, agent installer, and customer configuration.
  • Cluster role and role bindings—validates jobs are initiated by a cluster administrator
  • Secrets and keys—connects the cluster to Red Hat Marketplace and image registries.


The Red Hat Marketplace operator gathers basic telemetry data, which is used for licensing, billing and customization back to the marketplace. All data is sent via HTTPS to Red Hat Marketplace.

Message types

For deployments, the operator sends the following types of messages:

  • Heartbeat—cluster metadata sent once per minute to maintain connection to the marketplace
  • Resource list—summarized list of all resources sent at polling interval
  • Real-time updates—certain resources are tagged to be watched for any updates. When those watched resources are modified, an update is sent to the marketplace. Examples of these resources include cluster namespaces and operator versions.

Configure your firewall for OpenShift and Red Hat Marketplace

To access Red Hat Marketplace, grant access to the following URL:

URLFunction for resource updates