Partner payments

About payments

Payments to you are made automatically based on client billing within the calendar month, plus 60 days. For example, client bills for March will deposit to your account by end of May. After remittance, you receive a notification by email, postal mail, or both.

To set up payments, on Partner Portal, navigate to payment setup and complete tax and Electronic Funds Transfer forms.

Tax forms

To set up payments, complete and submit the following US Internal Revenue Service forms:

  • For companies based in the U.S., Form W-9, or
  • For companies based outside of the U.S., Form W-8.

For more information on taxes, refer to Tax information.

Electronic Funds Transfer forms

To set up payments, provide routing information to a direct deposit account. Red Hat Marketplace deposits payments directly to this account. Use the following forms:

Payment reports

After payment setup, for revenue and payment information, refer to the following report:

The report is available after the close of the month and includes details from client billings, which make up the payment amount for that month.

For more information, refer to Partner reports.


  • To navigate to payment settings, on the Company setup workflow, click Payment settings.