Partner payments

About payments

As part of your company setup you will need to provide us information so we can pay you based on the sales for your products.

You will need to provide a US Internal Revenue Service form (Form W9 for United States based companies, or Form W8 for non-United States based companies)

We will also need bank routing information/direct deposit information. Red Hat Marketplace will deposit payments directly to this account.

Payments to you are made automatically, based on billing to the client in a calendar month, plus 60 days. For example, a client billing in the month of March, you will be paid by the last day of May. You will be notified of the remittance amount by email and/or postal mail.

We will also provide a monthly details report.The monthly revenue report in the partner portal is available after the close of the month. The revenue report will provide the details of the client billings that make up the payment amount for that month.


  • To navigate to payment settings, on the Company setup workflow, click Payment settings.