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Account management

About accounts

A Red Hat Marketplace account is an entity with which you can associate users.

Owner role and payment method

By default, Red Hat Marketplace assigns the Owner role to the person who creates the account. The owner provides and maintains the payment method for the account. Red Hat Marketplace charges all purchases on the account to the payment method provided by the owner.

Create an account

About this task

All users are associated to at least one account. Before you create an account, ensure it’s necessary. For example, your co-worker may already have an account. You can ask your co-worker to invite you to their account instead of creating your own account.


  • have a payment method ready

Note: Red Hat Marketplace charges all purchases on the account to this payment method, including purchases by users associated to the account.


  1. On the Main menu, click Create Account.
  2. To authenticate your session, sign on to Red Hat Marketplace with one of the following ID providers:
    • IBMid
    • Red Hat Login
  3. On the Get started! page, on the Account Logon section, verify the email address you used on the previous step shows.
  4. On the Billing information section, complete the fields, and then click Next.
  5. On the Payment method section, select an option, complete the fields, and then click Next.
    • credit card—pay with credit or debit card
    • invoice me later—pay with purchase order
  6. Verify account information shows accurately, and then click Create Account.


You created an account.

Next steps

Create account field descriptions

The following tables describe fields that show on the create account workflow.

Billing information field descriptions

The following describes fields for billing information.

Note: billing information should be associated with your payment method.

Account typeoptions are personal or company. Use to distinguishes accounts.
Account nameshows on all user profiles associated to the account.
Country/Regiononly U.S. billing addresses are allowed.
First and last namebecomes your user profile name.

Payment method field descriptions

The following shows describes fields for payment method.

IBM customer numberunique number that IBM issues its customers during the post contract signing entitlement process.
Purchase order numberthe number of the purchase order that you created with IBM.

Update account information


  • ensure you have the Account Owner role.


  1. On the main menu, click your user name, click My Account, click Account Settings, and then click the Edit button (pencil icon).
  2. Update fields as needed. Available fields for update include:
    • Account name
    • Red Hat account number
  3. Click Save.


The Account information is updated.

Update account information field descriptions

The following describes fields on the Account settings page.

Account nameshows on My Profile. Red Hat Marketplace associates all users to an account and bills at the account level.
Account IDunique ID to identify account on Red Hat Marketplace.
Statusindicates account’s access to Red Hat Marketplace features. Status values include, Active and Pending.
Red Hat account numberunique number associated to your Red Hat login.