Top 5 Red Hat Marketplace Development Updates – September 2020

by Hidayatullah Shaikh

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, Engineering and User Experience, Red Hat Marketplace

With the General Availability rollout of Red Hat Marketplace and Red Hat Marketplace Select on September 8th, we announced many new features and functionalities for users.

User Updates

The main features for users focus on product tagging and product approval capabilities for Red Hat Marketplace Select.

Create, edit, and delete tags and add tags to existing purchases through Red Hat Marketplace Select

We’ve launched capabilities for Red Hat Marketplace select users to create department, project, and custom tags to represent your organization structure on Red Hat Marketplace. You can also add tags to purchases on My Software, and then filter product data to enable spend visibility by department, project, or custom tags. You can now also apply tags to dashboard charts to view product data specific to the applied tag and enable chargeback visibility.

Approve products for purchase and request product approval through Red Hat Marketplace Select

With a Red Hat Marketplace Select plan, your company administrators can preapprove products for purchase by other users on the plan, making it easy for you to see if a product is already approved or not for purchase and use. Users with the Purchaser role can buy approved products, and users can also see when a product has already been purchased by someone else at the company. And, if you’re seeking to use software on Red Hat Marketplace not already approved by your administrator, we’ve created a ‘Contact Administrator’ button on the software product page. When clicked, an email request goes directly to your administrator expressing interest in the product.

Seller Updates

We’re continuing to focus on making updates to optimize data visibility and to streamline onboarding steps for sellers. We’ve also rolled out usage-based pricing capabilities.”

Enjoy a streamlined, self-service onboarding experience with new options

We want to help sellers efficiently onboard to Red Hat Marketplace by enabling self-service application and onboarding workflows. Now, during company and product setup, we’ve designed a new view for you to see the status of each onboarding task more clearly at each step. We’ve also redesigned the Payment setup page and the Legal terms page. We’ve also enabled you to now select SaaS with operator from the Deployment method list, so that you can onboard SaaS with operator products to the marketplace.

Utilize updated seller dashboards and revenue reporting capabilities

We’ve made big updates to seller dashboards. Now, you can download a revenue report showing the product name, edition name, and charge unit, as well as total and net revenue paid to your company. With this additional functionality, you can download reports and view this data on dashboard charts.

Set up products for consumption-based pricing on Red Hat Marketplace

You can now set up and enable a product you’d like to list on Red Hat Marketplace for consumption-based pricing. Users can then purchase consumption-based editions directly from your listing and will see charges incurred based on product usage.

Check in again next month for October updates

We’re rolling out more features and enhancements weekly, and I can’t wait to tell you about the updates we’re planning for October. Stay tuned.