Top 5 Red Hat Marketplace development updates this month

by Hidayatullah Shaikh

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, Engineering and User Experience, Red Hat Marketplace

We rolled out some really cool features and updates for Red Hat Marketplace this month. Let’s jump right in.

User Updates

Take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing on Red Hat Marketplace

Robin Native Storage product page on Red Hat Marketplace

I’m excited to announce that Red Hat Marketplace has recently listed our first pay-as-you-go products with and Red Hat. Now, users can get started with Robin Cloud Native Storage and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated and enjoy the flexibility of a usage-based pricing model. We plan for this product offering to be the first of many pay-as-you-go listings available to users.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated product page on Red Hat Marketplace

If you’re a seller interested in listing your product with pay-as-you-go pricing, let us know, and we’d love to work with you!

Keep track of monthly usage across your entire product catalog all in one place

Usage Dashboard on Red Hat Marketplace

Users can now view usage data, when enabled, for all products across containerized, non-containerized, and SaaS environments. On Dashboard, drill down to view usage across operators per product and more.

Easily find what you’re looking for with more sorting capabilities

Sort list on search results page on Red Hat Marketplace

To help you more easily find products that fit your use case, we’ve updated our sort options with new labels and enabled full visibility for the options when the filter menu is open.

Quickly understand operator capability levels

Operator capability levels modal on Red Hat Marketplace

To support products with multiple Operators, we’ve updated content presented in the Operator capability levels modal to drive visibility for Operator maturity levels.

Seller Updates

Expand your global reach and sell your products in Canada

Nastel Navigator product page on Red Hat Marketplace

Do you want to reach Canadian-based users via Red Hat Marketplace? Now, you can make your products available on Red Hat Marketplace in Canada. To learn more about how you can select to sell your product in Canada, click here.

Check back in for next month’s updates

We’ll be back soon to tell you about the enhancements and features we’re rolling out next month. Don’t miss our recap!