Top 5 Red Hat Marketplace development updates – January 2021

by Hidayatullah Shaikh

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, Engineering and User Experience, Red Hat Marketplace

It’s our first recap for 2021, and I’m excited to share with you the enhancements we’ve made in January. Let’s jump right in.

User Updates

Take advantage of a streamlined cluster registration workflow

Last year, we streamlined the register cluster workflow and made it available on OpenShift Container Platform. Now users can take advantage of the streamlined experience on Red Hat Marketplace.

Register cluster on OpenShift Container Platform

Register cluster on OpenShift

Register cluster on Red Hat Marketplace

Register cluster on Red Hat Marketplace

Collaborate on support cases across an account

Case owners and account administrators can now add account users as members to a support case. Members will receive notifications on case updates, can add comments to a case, and can remove themselves as members.

Add case members page

Download datasets locally or to OpenShift

In December, we rolled out more than 120 free datasets on Red Hat Marketplace. Now, using Workspace, users can search and filter datasets, cancel dataset subscriptions, and download datasets to local computers or OpenShift. To download to OpenShift, users mount a cloud object storage bucket to their clusters. Afterward, the Red Hat Marketplace Operator automatically downloads updates when available.

Download datasets page

Seller Updates

Performance metric reports for products

On the Partner Dashboard, sellers can now launch customized performance charts on Amplitude. Sellers can view real-time Red Hat Marketplace data for each product listed, evaluate product performance, and track user engagement.

Performance metric reports page

Onboard product editions with multiple operators

When configuring a product edition, partners can now add up to 20 operators. When reviewing the product, concierge agents automatically validate each operator, take action when an operator fails validation, and can override the default setting on the operator Capability field.

Onboard multiple operators page

Don’t miss our next recap

I’ll be updating you soon with the notable developments we plan to roll out during February. Stay tuned!