Top 5 Red Hat Marketplace Development Updates – August 2020

by Hidayatullah Shaikh

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, Engineering and User Experience, Red Hat Marketplace

We’ve made many updates to the Red Hat Marketplace platform this past month. Let’s jump in to review some of the biggest updates.

User Updates

For users, our updates have focused on optimizing workflows between the marketplace and your OpenShift clusters.

Uninstall product operators on Red Hat Marketplace

Now, on My Software, you can uninstall product operators. When you click Uninstall, Red Hat Marketplace uninstalls the product operator from connected clusters. To validate operators have successfully uninstalled, you can launch directly to the Installed operators page on OpenShift Container Platform.

uninstall operator button on My software

Receive an email message when your cluster successfully connects to Red Hat Marketplace

When you run the Install Red Hat Marketplace Operator command, backend processes work to connect your cluster to the marketplace. Once the process completes, you will receive an email confirming the connection.

With this update, you can run the command, leave the workflow, and then come back to install product operators on connected clusters.

connected cluster email message

Run Install Red Hat Marketplace Operator command with named arguments and help text

Now, when you run the Install Red Hat Marketplace Operator command on Add Cluster, the command shows named arguments with the option to view help text for each argument and associated parameter. Named arguments mean you no longer need to input parameters in a specific order. You can now also access descriptions of each argument on terminal. named arguments help text on terminal

Seller Updates

We’ve made many enhancements to the platform for our ISVs. Two of our biggest updates focus on private offers and subscription events.

Enjoy an improved mobile experience when completing a private offer

We improved the design on Private offers, which includes updates to responsive design components and the mobile view.

Private offers responsive design

Notify us by email when you complete a subscription request

Do you receive subscription events for Red Hat Marketplace by email? Now, when you successfully complete a subscription, you can click Complete subscription on the email.

Complete subscription email message

More to come

September is going to be a big month for us! Check back in soon to get more information about the latest and greatest Red Hat Marketplace updates.