Get started with Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Red Hat Marketplace

by Kate Kwiatkowski

Business development leader, Cloud partnerships for Red Hat Marketplace

Red Hat Marketplace empowers Red Hat OpenShift customers to realize the potential of hybrid cloud with more than 70 certified software products available at the click of a button. Plus, with Red Hat OpenShift, you have the flexibility to deploy in any environment, wherever your workloads live.

Today, we’re excited to announce hourly on-demand billing is now available for Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Customer Cloud Subscription in existing AWS or Google Cloud accounts through Red Hat Marketplace. Now, we’ve made it even easier for users to get started on their hybrid cloud journey.

Get started quickly with an OpenShift service fully managed by Red Hat

Deploying Red Hat OpenShift as a managed service means that many of the areas you may be responsible for with a self-managed service option – such as logging, monitoring, platform upgrades, and security – are managed for you. With less operational complexity, you can focus on building and scaling applications that add more value to your business. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is fully managed and supported by Red Hat and can be deployed across multiple Availability Zones in supported regions. By purchasing Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated through Red Hat Marketplace, you can start building and scaling applications on OpenShift with confidence and ease.

Bring your cloud account and take advantage of existing discounts

To deploy Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, you will bring your own AWS or Google Cloud account, and Red Hat will deploy and manage Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated into your account. By bringing your cloud account to host Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, you can take advantage of any existing discounts or agreements you may have in place with the cloud providers for the infrastructure and resources you use.

Take advantage of usage-based pricing

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is now available on Red Hat Marketplace with pay-as-you-go pricing, so you are only charged for what you use. With this model, you can quickly get started with Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated and scale as you need. It provides you more flexibility and lowers barriers to get started.

Manage your OpenShift certified software and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated purchases in one place

Red Hat Marketplace is home to an extensive catalog of OpenShift-certified software. By purchasing Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated through Red Hat Marketplace, you can get started quickly and manage billing for both OpenShift and your OpenShift-certified software in one place.

“More and more, we’re seeing enterprise customers embrace Red Hat OpenShift as they focus on executing a build once, deploy anywhere hybrid strategy,” says Kristian Gyorkos, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances for Kong. “We joined Red Hat Marketplace to make it easy for customers to try, buy, and deploy Kong Konnect Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift clusters running anywhere. Having OpenShift Dedicated (OSD) available for purchase with pay-as-you-go pricing on Red Hat Marketplace will empower companies to easily get started with OpenShift, scale as they need for their business, and manage OpenShift and Kong software billing in one place. We’re excited to see how this enables customers to drive even more innovation with Kong on OpenShift.”

Get started today

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is available to buy today. To get started, visit Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Red Hat Marketplace.