MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is Now Available on Red Hat Marketplace

by Sarah Branfman

Vice President, Partners at MongoDB

MongoDB, IBM, and Red Hat have a lot in common, but it all starts with a shared mission to give developers tools they need to be more productive and to innovate faster.

Engineers today are facing complex challenges in creating and maintaining production-quality, secure, and reliable data services. MongoDB works to empower developers and offers them the freedom to run anywhere from your laptop to the cloud. A fundamental key to success in the digital age is how quickly you can build innovative applications, scale them, and gain insights from the data they generate using microservices and containers.

Take advantage of MongoDB through Red Hat Marketplace

We’re excited to announce MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is now available for trial and purchase on Red Hat Marketplace so teams can simplify their software deployment by harnessing the combined power of MongoDB and Red Hat OpenShift to create applications that deliver business value. The software is offered by IBM and delivered via the IBM Data Management Platform for MongoDB Enterprise Advanced.

MongoDB listing on Red Hat Marketplace The MongoDB Enterprise Advanced listing on Red Hat Marketplace

Red Hat Marketplace provides a central software purchasing location for automated deployment to any cloud or on-premises location. This deeper integration simplifies the ability to purchase and use MongoDB Enterprise Advanced to run backend services in the same way as other stateless application services. Additionally, it alleviates critical pain points for development, security, billing and spend visibility with:

  • Hybrid cloud capabilities — application portability across clouds to any Red Hat OpenShift environment has never been easier, enabling developers to build applications in a separate or in parallel with the execution environment.

  • Continuous support — Purchased products include unlimited support cases and contacts for the platform, product and billing while upgraded support plans are available.

  • Unified billing — Provides teams visibility to their entitlement and charges including consumption and usage.

MongoDB illustration

Leveraging the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator (MongoDB Operator) allows for easier deployments of different MongoDB Enterprise database configurations inside the Red Hat OpenShift platform. MongoDB standalone, replica sets, or complex shared clusters can be deployed for your applications in minutes, while tools like MongoDB Ops Manager or MongoDB Cloud Manager work in conjunction with the Operator to provide management, monitoring, and backup capabilities. MongoDB Operators can be configured in your environment and provide Kubernetes native management capabilities. The Operator defines new Custom Resource Definitions, handles lifecycle events (such as scaling), and manages MongoDB running in pods.

Customers currently use Red Hat OpenShift to host all of their environments, and we’re hopeful this will make the experience even better. View and explore MongoDB Enterprise Advanced on Red Hat Marketplace.