Coming soon: Easily deploy products to OpenShift clusters using IBM Cloud Satellite

by Richard Gebhardt

Chief Programmer, Senior Technical Staff Member, Red Hat Marketplace

In March 2021, IBM Cloud announced the release of a new hybrid cloud service, IBM Cloud Satellite, that enables customers to easily deploy, manage and run services, including Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, across public clouds, private clouds and on-premises infrastructure.

Given the importance of multicloud to Red Hat Marketplace and our customers, the team has been working on an integration with IBM Cloud Satellite that can greatly simplify our cluster registration and automatic operator deployment processes across distributed hybrid cloud environments.

What is IBM Cloud Satellite?

IBM Cloud Satellite is a service that extends IBM Cloud public’s control plane to allow you to run IBM Cloud services alongside your applications and workloads on infrastructure you’ve provisioned in public clouds like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud or in your own datacenters.

IBM Cloud Satellite architecture

How does it work?

A Satellite host can be any compute instance, from a laptop on your desk to bare metal or virtual machines on any public or private cloud. When you run the script to attach the host to your Satellite location, you’re registering it with IBM Cloud where it can be assigned as a control plane or worker host and used to provision services and manage them through a single API.

How will Red Hat Marketplace and IBM Cloud Satellite work together?

Red Hat Marketplace already makes trying, buying and deploying software in multicloud environments incredibly easy.

You can automatically deploy software from our catalog by registering your Red Hat OpenShift cluster, requesting a trial, and then following the prompts from the product detail page in the workspace.

With IBM Cloud Satellite integration, the cluster discovery and registration process becomes even easier!

When you initiate the cluster registration process, there will be a new tile on our ‘Add cluster’ page giving you the option to register Red Hat OpenShift clusters running in IBM Satellite locations.

When you select this option, Red Hat Marketplace will query the Satellite APIs using your IBM Cloud API key and present you with a list of discovered clusters.

Satellite tile

You can then select one or more clusters from the list and click ‘Register Clusters’ to associate them with your Red Hat Marketplace account.

How can I find out more about this feature?

This feature is currently under development and may change before it’s delivered but, if you’re interested in trying it out, please contact us using the contact module on the page!

How can I learn more about IBM Cloud Satellite and Red Hat Marketplace?